load-profile "Patrick D Koe"Working Experience> Senior Software Engineer @ Cycure Sdn. Bhd |2020 - present
+ End-to-End web chat application based on Signal (Javascript).
+ develop web chat application based on Signal Protocol.
+ convert from signal desktop electron to web application.
+ add features such as, sync history message with mobile, group management.
+ build script to obfuscate & package the application for ease of deployment.
+ maintain development environment server, NGINX PROXY, AWS, firebase for testing and integration.
+ Javascript, AWS, Cloudflare, Centos, NGINX, PostgreSQL, turn server, redis.

> Software Engineer @ Sarawak Information System Sdn. Bhd. (SAINS) |2014 - 2020
2019, IoT Software Development Unit Head
+ Involve in web application development of Remote Monitoring System for Sarawak Energy to monitor and detect abnormality at their substations.
+ Was working on web application remote monitoring system for SEB (Sarawak Energy Berhad)
+ Monitor around 300 points of substation for ease the operational if there is faulty
+ Monitor the substation of vandalism / cable theft
+ Report event activity & timeline view
(PHP, JavaScript, MYSQL, HTML, CSS – CodeIgniter)

+ Advanced Metering Infrastructure for Jabatan Air Luar Bandar (JBALB) to integrate and monitor smart meter reading from various vendors.
+ Was working on web application for advanced metering infrastructure for JBALB
+ Ease the operational on monitoring household usage for water & billing
+ Collaborate, integrate, and API with multiple vendors
(PHP, JavaScript, MYSQL, HTML, CSS, MSSQL – CodeIgniter)

2018, Video Surveillance Unit Head
Involve in site survey, proposal, planning, and collaborate with Hikvision to provide security surveillance system for Government Offices, Critical Infrastructure, and Electric Utility Substation.
+ Was working on security and surveilance system, planning and design collaboration with Hikvision for
+ 15 SEB (Sarawak Energy Berhad) substations location perimeter monitoring & intrusion detection system design, combining CCTV with photobeam for intrusion detection system
+ SAMAJAYA Industrial - MINTRED(Ministry of International Trade & Industry, Industrial Terminal & Entrepreneur Development Sarawak), security surveillance, access control, and ANPR
+ WISMA BAPA MALAYSIA - government central office security surveillance system
+ Kuching Port Authority security surveillnce upgrade
+ Pustaka Negeri Sarawak, Kuching, Miri, & Sarawak State Repository
+ Technology exploration from HIKVISION, Thermal imaging application & use case, Face detection & recognition, ANPR, Door access control, People counting
+ Script to control multiple NVR for each substation
+ Was working on Child Witness Court, JSKK - Jenayah Seksual Kanak Kanak, Raspi for controlling NVR

2017, Health Information System
Web developer for Health Information System - Laboratory Inventory System.
+ Was working on Healthcare system - Laboratory Inventory system
+ Multiple database connection
+ Python service for seamlessly integration web application with scanner device
(JAVA, SmartGWT)

2014 - 2017, Video Surveillance
Web developer for SmartVeillance, safety and security surveillance system.
+ Was working on SmartVeillace - web application for security surveillance system
+ Surveillance camera management
+ Event management
+ Face recognition integration with Sensetime
+ Display RTSP stream on web, Flowplayer
(PHP, HTML, JavaScript – Laravel)

Portfolio / Collaborator> PlayByCode @fb.me/playbycode|2020
- Startup to provide fun and engaging activities for kids on STEM
> Vroom @vroomdelivery.my|2019
Startup logistics & parcel delivery system
+ Develop backend for parcel delivery service
+ Integration with mobile apps (Ionic)
+ Integration with local e-wallet Sarawak Pay
> Farmo @farmo.land|2019
Startup Agriculture e-commerce marketplace
+ E-commerce platform based on WP + WC selling groceries
+ Custom WP plugin to display overall daily order product count, ease the operational to prepare the item for the next day
+ Server admin & management
> DCmarket @dcmarket.com.my|2018
Startup e-commerce marketplace startup
+ E-commerce marketplace platform based on WP + WC selling range of products
+ Server admin & management
> The Story of Kuching |2017
Social sharing apps for Heritage place of Kuching City
+ Mobile apps (Ionic)
+ Server admin & management

> JavaScript
> NodeJS
> Python
> Java
> MongoDB
> PostgreSQL
> Bootstrap
> JQuery
> Laravel
> CodeIgniter
> Wordpress
> Unity C#
> Android
> Signal Protocol
> Apache
> DigitalOcean
> Google Cloud
> CloudFlare
> Ubuntu
> CentOS
> Windows
> Photoshop

Education> Master of Science @ Swinburne |2012 - 2014* Successfully completed. Published 5 journal papers and 2 conference papers.* Thesis, “On Improving the Accuracy of Spectrum-based Fault Localization”> Bachelor of Science @ Swinburne |2008 - 2011* Successfully completed with CGPA 3.29 out of 4.00